Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in Black

Black is one of my favorite colors. Looking at wedding dresses is one of the recreational activity which I’m very fond of. And I like seeing different colors elegantly crafted on white wedding dresses. In fact I wanted to wear a black belt with my wedding dresses, but it was disapproved by so many, I had to choose a different color. Not that I regret my decision I absolutely love my wedding dress, but every now and then when I see beautiful wedding dresses with a black belt, I can’t help but daydreaming about our 5-year wedding anniversary thinking maybe I can wear another wedding dress with a black belt.

Well, when I read about Vera Wang’s Fall 2012 collection has black wedding dresses it excited me. (yes it’s kinda sad to get excited about wedding dresses when you are already married but I love looking at them) So I googled the new collection and I wasn’t satisfied with what I saw actually. The dresses are more like evening dresses, rather than wedding dresses and the models kind of look sad and pale. They look just weird. I also think that Vera Wang’s designs feel like the same dresses in different colors and maybe with more layers added each year. Not that I hate them, I like the French lace one and the mermaids and sure would love to wear one in a formal event. (a girl can dream, right?) And remember even Sarah Jessica Parker, who is an icon for me, regrets wearing black on her wedding day, so one should think again before deciding.

[Image Credit: Tom&Lorenzo]


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