Marc’s Fairytale

Tüyler, pastel renkler, donuk bakışlar, taçlar, şeffaf kumaşlar, cut-out tasarımlar, kabarık etekler, beyaz atlıkarınca ve Kate (bu sefer sigarasız) – son Louis Vuitton koleksiyonu hakkında söyleyebileceğim birkaç söz bunlar.

Feathers, pastel colors, icy looks, tiaras, see-through fabrics, cut-out pieces, puffy skirts and a white carousel with Kate at the end (minus the cigarette) – my few words about latest Louis Vuitton collection.

[Image Source: Telegraph]


4 thoughts on “Marc’s Fairytale

  1. I have watched – and re-watched – the video of the Vuitton show, captivated by just how beautiful and extraordinarily romantic it all was.

    Do you think Jacobs is headed for Dior?

    Sarah x

    P.S: Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog… and for bringing me to yours. It is really wonderful! :0)

    • thank you for your lovely comments:)
      i don’t think Marc Jacobs is headed for Dior. i’ve read an interview on Vogue, he was saying that he’s happy at LV. of course you never know but i love what he’s doing there too.
      i know most people disagree but i think Dior should let Galliano come back.

  2. There is defernatly something about that Vuitton collection that makes me want to dress up in pretty dresses and wear beautiful hairbands and fake eyelashes.
    Btw, this is a really great blog! keep up the good work 🙂

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