Bring It to the Table

I’m living in a new apartment for more than a year since my marriage last year. However there are still some missing pieces in our place, like a couple of end tables, an entry hallway table and some furniture for our backyard. We couldn’t complete everything due to many other reasons so I’m still looking for some designs that I would love to see in our home. Although I know our place will never look as polished and as striking as those little cribs in home decor magazines, they are my most powerful source. I was browsing online High Gloss and Lonny Magazine for some ideas and there they are.

I really like the side table here between the two armchairs, mix of marble and metal look very earthy.

the small ottomans might also make trendy end table or a side table.

this is the enlarged view of the two foyer tables in the first picture. I think this would look great in an entry hallway.

I like the sculptural console tables and the small ottoman chair is a nice touch for an entry.

There are more options for the patio furniture I think but I love the black&white chairs and black metal bar table.

[Credits: High Gloss Magazine and Lonny Magazine]


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