Why Amy Why?

I was very looking forward to Amy Winehouse concert in Istanbul, because to tell you the truth I thought this would be one of the few chances I would get to see her before she really, really falls apart. But apparently I wasn’t that lucky. I mean I might get the overwhelming experience of fame but torturing yourself at this young age when you are so talented?? I don’t get that at all. And she’s British so she is born cool why waste yourself with drugs and alcohol.

These images are from back in the days when she was healthy (from Life Magazine)

Performing at a London Festival in 2004

At the Q Awards again in 2004

Looking happy at Brit Awards in 2005

She did a great collaboration with Fred Perry:

I still think she has great talent and all but she should shake herself up and find a way to recover. I mean my friend’s mom came from Ankara just to see her!

Still, I love her songs and voice and I would love to listen to her live with a performance like this:

She can learn a little from Kate Moss. She also invests in some, umm how to put this delicately?- powdered assets but she is always in shape and looks happy and trendy. Of course she is a supermodel/designer/yet-to-be bride/style icon after all, but still she is simply elegant, don’t you think?

Kate Moss

[Image source: Getty Images]


2 thoughts on “Why Amy Why?

  1. Both Amy and KM had “husband effect”s ; one got it to her advantage while the other sank down with her man-as she put it-
    I heard from my friends that her last concert in Dubai on Valentine’s Day was a disaster and she was barely awake while singing.
    For me; when the i feel like listening Amy Winehouse; i listen her old album again and again but never her live performance.
    She is not Amy but i would suggest Duffy she has been trained to sound exactly like her.

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