Linda Farrow @Bilstore

Bilstore is one of my favorite style destinations. They carry collections from designers that you can’t find everywhere in Istanbul and even if you don’t buy anything, you can still have fun looking at the out-of-the-ordinary items they have.

Yesterday I saw some Linda Farrow designs at the Kanyon store. They have both Linda Farrow line and the collaborations with various designers like Matthew Williamson and Raf Simons. And the prices are almost the same with the online store, so if you want to buy one, why not?

I love these Matthew Williamson glasses, this my fav pair. Also available in different colors online, Kanyon store has this one maybe they have other colors in other stores.

This pair is also available in different colors in the Kanyon store. Looks very cute on.

These Linda Farrow designs are also timeless creations.

You can also get one of these pairs, if you like them, they are always in style, there is always sunglasses like these each year.

If you want to go overboard and turn heads, you can try on these.

There are also optical glasses, which I think all very cool too.

I also want to share what was playing on the background when writing this post:


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