Gisele the Billionaire

 Gisele Bundchen is reportedly  going to be the world’s  first  billionaire model. Thanks to her  good looks,  amazing body,  having her own fashion lines,  the top  model is estimated to be  worth more than a billion  dollars in the future, according  to Forbes.

She is named as the highest  earning model for the seven  consecutive years.



Gisele appeared in campaigns of  fashion houses like Dior, Versace and Dolce and Gabbana over the years;

also in H&M, Stefanel and Ipanema flip-flops,



Apart from these endorsements and collaborations, she is founded her own line of eco friendly cosmetics (Sejaa Pure Skincare) line.  Gisele is also the creative director for C&A’s Gisele Gisele Bündchen Collection.

Well, she is gorgeous, Tom Brady and her are the perfect couple, she has her own fashion line(s), she is a friend to the environment and actually works to preserve the nature, she is only 30 and she is going to be a billionaire. Jealous much?



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