Trending Now: Maxi Skirts

How to wear a maxi skirt? Whether you are petit or tall, there is a way to wear long skirts. But the trick is to combine them with the right accessories, otherwise you might look like a crazy bag lady.

There are many choices to pick; from colored flannels to flower printed silky chiffons, from the ones which have embroideries on the hems to more sexy ones that show a little leg. And what to wear with them? Well you can try putting on casual tops like they did on Mango runway, or a lacey shirt or a loose button-down shirt like Olivia Palermo. Or if you are going out or attending a party, you can put on a corset-top over a satin maxi skirt or a tank top with a thick belt. I also love covering myself up with a blazer, because they go with almost everything. You can try completing your look with a statement hat or a headpiece along with chunky heels or flat sandals.

The maxi skirt look would be very chic and laid back at the same time, wearing them with the right accessories of course. Just don’t try to over do it and make it look like it’s something you put on in a hurry and you’ll be good to go.


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