Barbie wears Vera Wang



2 thoughts on “Barbie wears Vera Wang

  1. When I ordered this for my fiancee’s birthday I questioned the price and practicality of a Barbie Doll at such a price.

    However, I soon came to realize that practicality is simply not a part of collecting ethos. Paying so much for a product that only sustains its value if NEVER opened seems absurd.

    When my fiancee opened the wrapping paper and revealed the picture window I realizes something else. The price tag is justified by the workmanship and artistry of the piece.

    The gown is wonderfully detailed and Barbie stands in a very Audrey Hepburn pose.

    This is a true work of art and my fiancee loves it, which in my book is the highest recommedation of all.

    • Designer Barbie dolls are hard to find. I have two Collector’s Edition dolls both of which were gifts by my husband back we were dating and I remember how happy I was to receive them. It is true that they are a work of art, with all the attention to details and craftsmanship.
      I’m glad your fiancee loved it, it’s a very great Barbie.

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