Inspiration: Grace Kelly

I absolutely love Kate Middleton – The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress. I’m one of the millions who’s watching the Royal Wedding and I admire how she looked on her beautiful gown by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. She looks breathtaking.

Sarah Burton released a statement on why she denied she was designing the dress:

Like many, her gown reminded me of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress when she married the Prince of Monaco. She is another all time fashion icon of mine and one of those people who was born to be a princess.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Grace Kelly

  1. I guess we have witnessed one of the glorious events of the century as well as a newborn stmpathy for Royalty. Everthing was awesome from hats to shoes, accessories to fairytalish wedding gown. Last thing i guess the new generation of English royalty will keep improving starting with W&K. Thank you for the wonderful GK photos.

  2. I am as well one of the millions watching the Royal Wedding videos again and again since last week.Yes, Kate is reminding GK, a good choice for a bride to be inspired. Loved your post. Nice photos.

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