Woven Summer Accessories: Bags&Shoes

Braided leather, natural colored raffia, flower crochets will definitely say Summer! A girl’s best friends – shoes and bags are going to both complete your look and make you feel like you are on a sunny beach holiday, even when you are not. Just scroll down to see my favorite woven accessories of this season. 

The classic look of dark blue transforms into a chic companion with these sandals. Whether it’s a work day or a casual dinner, you can wear this pair to give a lady-like look.

This bag looks like something you would find on a beach holiday and you can’t even tell it’s a faux leather bag. I think this would complete a bohemian look of maxi skirts with lace tops.

This fun Sergio Rossi pair is a must if you like salsa nights.

Prada’s woven shoes are the statement item of the season. This pair with braided neon colors stands out the most.

I’m not a big fan of ballerina shoes, they just don’t work me. But I sure love how they look on people who can wear them right. These gold metallic flats I think would look great with a mini jean skirt or cropped leggings.

I love the ease of this summer tote and it goes with almost everything.

A timeless bag for those who like classics but want to have a pick from the season’s favs.

Nothing says sexy like these Gucci booties – for those who can pull them off, of course.

I like the ease and gladiator-fierce look of these sandals.

Fendi was established in 1925 as a fur and leather shop by Adele Casagande and her husband. In 1997, Silvia Venturini Fendi introduced a bag with sleek, geometric lines called “Le Baguette”. Since then the Baguette has started “It” bag trend. It can be used as a shoulder bag, a clutch; you can take it to a girls’ night out or a hot date. All and all a perfect accessory, especially with these trendy colors.

Dolce&Gabbana style can be controversial; it can be too flashy, too over-the-top. But this season’s crafty Sicilian lace dresses, white flowy dresses and natural textures change my opinion. I especially love these pumps of Dolce&Gabbana SS11 collection, they are very flirty and classic.

Fiona Kotur’s retro-glam metallic clutch will be an eye-catching element of summer dinner parties.

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