Trends: Wide Leg Pants

Almost every season there is a glimpse of masculine clothes combined with foxy pieces so that the androgynous look will be more desirable than a LBD. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu, Dries Van Noten and Jil Sander and many brought back this boyish trend in the Spring-Summer’11 season with wide leg pants.

There are many ways to wear wide leg pants: with chunky heels, boyfriend blazers, feminine chiffon tops combined with significant hats and embellished accessories. Just don’t wear them with flats unless you are 6 feet tall.

I always think of Katherine Hepburn’s 1930s controversial style when I see a pair of wide leg pants. Her pantsuits that scandalized and shocked Hollywood back then is now one of the major cornerstones of today’s fashion world. After all, don’t we always look for everlasting fashion icons for inspiration?

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One thought on “Trends: Wide Leg Pants

  1. I have always loved wide leg pants and am jealous of the 6 feet talls wearing them with flats. They go pretty well with high heels however looks better in ladies with thin and tall legs. Please do some posts for maxi skirts, my fav and must have for this season.

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